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Sara Grossman is bullying me on the internet. She’s even gone so far as to incite her friends to threaten my life and has publicly broadcast accusations that I’ve committed the unlawful crimes of grand theft auto, sexual assault, and drugging individuals. Don’t just take my word for it. A simple search of her public Twitter account for words like “narcissist,” “sociopath,” or “ex,” reveal hundreds of vile tweets aimed at me (and former friends, colleagues, and lovers throughout the past decade.) Like other internet bullies, she thrives in a world of virtue signaling, cancel culture and half-truths – and the singular hope that the targets of her bullying won’t fight back.

Sara has managed to collect an impressive number of cease and desists from various employers and individuals she’s targeted throughout the years, however, most of her victims either A. don’t have the financial resource to take legal action against her or B. (like me) falsely believe that if they just stay quiet, she’ll eventually find someone new to bully.

For the past three years, I’ve sat silently while Sara has persistently targeted me as the recipient of her bullying. My silence has not made the attacks less frequent, but instead emboldened her to further a narrative that
she was abused by me throughout our relationship, therein justifying her bullying of me as cathartic or healing. 

She has used my name directly, referenced me by my initials, referenced me by a movie villain who shares my identical name, and has even gone so far as to identify me by posting photos of my personal belongings. I sat silent for three years though, because there’s nothing you can really do in the eyes of the law when someone is just calling you names. That was, until her bullying started inciting physical threats against me and accusations that I’ve committed crimes. 

I recently spoke out to let my family and friends know what I’d been dealing with all this time, and also sent several texts and emails to Sara requesting for the bullying to stop. She has only continued. In fact, instead, she said that (after three years of silence) my speaking up meant I was suddenly bullying and harassing her. So, since Sara wants to continue to talk, it’s time I tell the truth.

Sara hates me because I’m the only person brave enough to tell her (to her face) that I think it’s embarrassing that she’s peddling a career off the back of a deceased person who despised her. Sara hates me because I told her I thought it was shady that she was getting writing and speaking opportunities using the bogus headline, “My Best Friend Was Killed in the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.” Sara hates me because I said I thought it looked bad that she was bullying her supposed “best friend’s” mom on the internet, and that it was really embarrassing that his mother had to send her a cease and desist to get her to stop claiming she was “best friends” with her son. That’s it. That’s why Sara hates me. Because I damaged her ego.

Sara bullies me online because I’m the only person who’s ever said out loud what she’s terrified everyone else is thinking. Her entire identity revolves around being seen as a victim, and what better way to dispel me as a threat than by claiming to be a victim of my abuse.

My relationship with Sara was nothing short of horrific. She tormented me psychologically, isolated me from friends, family, and others in my support network, and tried to destroy every essence of my sense of self in the name of what she deemed my “potential.” I now know that this desire to isolate and make a partner completely dependent on you is a flagship sign of narcissistic abuse. It’s no surprise that by the end of our relationship, I felt the most out of control of myself and my emotions than I’ve ever felt in my life. I said and did many things I’m not proud of. But calling her a farce is not one of them. Packing up all of my belongings hours before boarding a flight to my aunt’s funeral (that she told me not to go to because my family “negatively influenced” me) (and to ensure that after the days and distance set in, we’d REALLY be done this time)  – is not one of them. 

As my own form of catharsis, I’ll be compiling a list of text messages and emails I received from Sara throughout our relationship, chronicling her assault on my mental and emotional wellbeing.

I have no doubt that Sara will continue to post hate about me on her social media platforms and release “nonfiction” stories about me that characterize me as an abuser and alcoholic. But I think another of her exes summed it up best when she said, “channel your cowardice into telling stories, Sara. It’s what you’re good at, except you have one thing wrong, you don’t write nonfiction. You have always been a fictional writer because everything you say is complete bullshit.”

Over the past three years:

Sara has continuously stalked me and my girlfriends social media accounts. 
We have had to block Sara on no less than 8 different accounts after seeing them in our “People Who’ve Viewed Your Story List”. This includes her personal account, accounts of her social media clients, friends, and even the account she made for her dog. 

She has asked her friends to harass my girlfriend on Twitter

She’s even gone so far as to directly message my girlfriend (who had never spoken to/about, met, referenced, nor did she know anyone who knew Sara.) 

She has publicly accused my mother of being a criminal.